Digital is like the wind. You can’t see the wind, just its effects. But what if you could ‘see’ you’re digital?

Welcome to BrightREDD a unique platform designed to make your digital visible.

BrightREDD  is a user-friendly tool designed to  assess your current digital position, and identify opportunities for improvement.

The process stars with our “BrightREDD Assessment”.

Using a proprietary assessment algorithm REDD “scores” the answers you provide relative to  how well, or poorly , they conform with global industry standards and benchmarks.

Your position on a continuum from pale to  bright red (from poor to  satisfactory) clearly illustrates how your digital is performing and informs our proposal on how you might “brighten” that performance

Never before has seen your digital been so simple and illuminating.

Like to see how bright your digital is? Click here now to download your free BrightREDD Assessment BrightREDD – because with insights comes clarity

BrightREDD objectives:

  • Identify weaknesses (and strengths)
  • Increase efficiencies and productivity
  • Optimize networking functionality
  • Identify vulnerabilities – increase security
  • Focus on cost savings
  • Untap growth potential
  • Create a “brief” for a roadmap to your business goals
  • Provide future focused global insight
  • Find “hidden” potential.


your BrightREDD Assessment.

Comprising a series of insightful questions your introduction to BrightREDD is all about discovery
Your answers will inform a response highlighting your strengths and areas where improvements are recommended.


your BrightREDD Insights Report

Using our proprietary algorithm we will respond to your answers with a BrightREDD score illustrated on a continuum from pale to bright red.
Should you find your Insights Report enlight ening we will suggest strategies designed to “brighten” the weaker parts of your digital performance.